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Mesabi refurbs or replacement

Hi-Tech Radiators can offer all services relating to Mesabi manufactured radiators, oil coolers or any other Mesabi manufactured heat exchange, with full refurb, new tubes, tube cleaning or just new seals. With one of the quickest turnarounds in the country.

Caterpillar Radiator style Items, Folded/Amocs/Next generation radiator core sections

HTR are very experienced at servicing and repairing all Caterpillar style radiators with capabilities of cleaning core sections without removing tanks, saving a lot of money, not to mention remanufacture of Amocs and Next Generation radiator core sections. 

We use higher quality, thicker walled materials on the tubes, fins and CNC machined tanks from solid brass. This makes HTR the best aftermarket replacement in Australia with a rapid service turnaround, with the average Caterpillar radiator back to client within 2-4 days on average. 

Using strict QA procedures and quality checks HTR will give you back your Caterpillar radiator like new or better. Check our website for our quality system documented, step by step procedure to superior radiator refurbishment.

Ultrasonic Cleaning and Flushing of Radiators- Restoring Life to Old Equipment

Radiators have a tough life and an essential one too. Thanks to them, engines of all shapes and sizes are kept running at just the right temperature. In fact, radiators often need remedial action long before the actual engine itself. One of the ways a radiator can be kept alive is cleaning its interior out thoroughly with a specially formulated cleaner. Ultrasonic cleaning and flushing of radiators that can be done at Hi-Tech Radiators will restore life to old equipment.

Typical Scenario

A large mining company rang and said they have now replaced 8 hydraulic coolers in a Hitachi EX5500-5 machine due to the hydraulic oil varnishing inside the coolers, causing high temps on hydraulics. This translates to their machines only operating at 70-80%, which is a massive cost. Also, each cooler costs $20,000. 

HTRA Solution

We put one of these coolers, that had varnishing in it, into our ultrasonic machine. Two days and $3,700 later the cooler was cleaned and (near new) oil flow was measured, ready to put back in the machine, saving the client around $16,000 and creating an exchanged serviced OE cooler.

Why flush out a radiator?

Over time, all radiators will accumulate sludge and dirt inside their coolant channels. Some of this unwanted debris becomes stuck to the interior surface of the radiator. Even if the old coolant is drained off and replaced with fresh coolant something that should be done fairly regularly anyway, it is often hard to remove what may seem to be firmly fixed debris. 

The main problem with accumulated dirt and sludge inside the coolant is threefold. It means that the transfer of heat is reduced and that’s not good for the engine. Part of he reason for the reduction in efficiency is the lining of material that gets stuck to the inside of the radiator. Because the heat loss is best through metal (a good conductor), any build up tends to cause insulation and less conduction. 

Also, the sludge and dirt blocks the passages through the radiator itself as well as the engine, so again reducing efficiency. If a radiator is left in that condition for too long, the engine cooling ability could be compromised and then overheating could result in a very expensive rebuild.

The third reason why sludge and dirt in the radiator is not desirable is because it can become chemically corrosive, and it then starts to attack the metal walls. Cleaning and flushing the radiator means that this corrosive effect is minimised.

Why use ultrasonic cleaning?

An ultrasonic cleaning machine emits sound waves of between 20 to 400 kHz. What this does is to agitate the material that is stuck to the interior lining of the radiator and coolant channels. It also tends to shake off accumulated debris on the outside of the radiator too, which is a double bonus. The ultrasonic treatment is coupled with the use of a flushing liquid which is pumped around the radiator system before being drained off and replaced with fresh coolant.

One other advantage of ultrasonic cleaning is that it is a relatively gentle, yet effective technique. The alternative that is used when a radiator is in good condition is to use a cleaner at high pressure. The pressure helps to flush out debris in the channels. When a radiator starts to age, this is not such a good method, because there is a danger of rupturing joints and causing developing pinholes in the radiator metal to become larger. Ultrasonic cleaning and flushing as practised at Hi-Tech Radiators is an ideal method whatever the condition of your radiator and will help to restore a failing, older radiator to near new performance. The cost of an ultrasonic cleaning and flushing treatment is an excellent investment in the state of health, not just of the radiator itself, but for the engine which it is helping to keep cool, too.

What else can ultrasonic cleaning and flushing be used for?

Ultrasonic cleaning and flushing can be useful for other automotive parts that need to be thoroughly cleaned and decarbonised, such as heat exchangers, manifolds, engine heads and blocks.


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