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Continuous Improvement Program

At Hi-Tech Radiators we are continuously developing smarter approaches to keep our customers on the road, with less downtime and better fuel economy and horsepower. Our approaches to radiator repairs go way beyond other radiator workshops. We build superior replacements for OE radiators, and offer smarter approaches that reduce overall costs for the life of the unit. Here are some of our innovations, that customers really appreciate.

Performance Upgrades to Intercoolers and CAC's

Hi-Tech Radiators have been collecting intercooler/charge air cooler part numbers for 12 years now, with 220 part numbers and growing for automotive, transport, earthmoving and farming. When these items come to us to repair we look at their faults and why they leak then improve the intercooler by changing the construction or even the fin and tube pattern, then list for overseas ordering. We also do this with tank castings making them thicker and stronger.

Aluminium Plate & Bar Specialists

HiTech Radiators has 300 different size aluminium plate and bar oil coolers designed and rated to 500 psi. we have these coolers in set thicknesses with different profile tanks which allow Hi-Tech Radiators staff to modify and manufacture nearly any oil cooler that comes in for repair. This gives the customers options where most radiator repair shops can’t as we can either repair or supply a brand new oil cooler which can be completed in 1-2 days. Also if it is an old machine the OE option may no longer be available so Hi-Tech Radiators can assist straight away and normally at very competitive prices. We are always taking note of oil cooler sizes and updating most common.

Improving on OE Cat Radiators

Hi-Tech Radiators recently realised the Caterpillar radiator panels that Cat was stocking were failing commonly and they never had enough stock as well as being quite expensive. HTR has started developing a new way to manufacture this style of radiator for many different models and applications as well as fine tuning and improving the design of the Amocs and Next Generation radiator sections to improve tank constitution, thicker wall tubes and fin gauge extruding up the tubes to protect from external debris, with CNC machined tanks soldered to the core it makes the item fully serviceable where the OE design was always a throw away assembly.

Inrad Custom Core Manufacturing

Hi-Tech Radiators has its own brass, copper and steel radiator core manufacturing facility where all cores manufactured are very labour intensive so we’re always looking at improving efficiency and standards. To date we have designed and automatic CNC controlled soldering machine and most recently a one man operation on solder dipping the largest mining radiator cores which would normally take 3 staff but now require just one.

Mesabi Style Radiator Tubes

The mining and earthmoving sectors are well known for using a brand and style called Mesabi or better known as removable tube style which has many single tubes into rubber grommets at both ends. This design or radiators and coolers are very labour intensive which costs the customer a lot of money. So what HTR has done to improve labour costs and still maintain a top quality finished product was to use our ultrasonic cleaning machine modified slightly to clean the tubes while we work on other jobs. The ultrasonic machine is fully automated and does not harm the brass water tubes or fin, so there is no corrosive chemicals put on the tubes. The above task can be done with water, oil and air style tubes of alloy, copper or brass.

Stop Premature Leaking

Superior Performance and Long Life

Stop premature leaks and resulting downtime from aluminium and plastic OEM radiators. At Hi-Tech we've developed heavy duty upgrade replacements for modern but inferior aluminium radiators.

Converting and remanufacturing complete aluminium and plastic/aluminium radiators is a very new and innovative thing we do to assist our customers with their machine or truck operating. Hi-Tech Radiators know what core configurations we can use for each application, like slow moving excavator to a fast moving front end loader or even a highway truck. We also have the know how to design side supports to new brass tanks as well as fins per inch or tube style as a brass/copper radiator that can’t be configured anything like the original aluminium style radiator.

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