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Intercoolers, Aftercoolers, Charge Air Coolers

New heavy duty truck intercoolers, new plate and bar intercoolers for all trucks/earthmoving/mining machines, solvent cleaning all of the above, repair cores, tank casting repairs, ultrasonic cleaning, custom new design, replacement cores, covering all materials + types for all vehicles and machines.

Specialist Aluminium Plate and Bar (3 year warranty)

Hi Tech radiators since 2005 have been importing aluminium plate and bar oil coolers, intercoolers and also radiator assemblies. These units are not made anywhere in Australia due to the high labour content that goes into them. They are imported from China and China only as they have the labour to build these units. They are very involved and are one of the strongest designs in the market.

Hi Tech radiators has been collating intellectual property on these items now for 11 years and is sourcing some of the best product out of China. We are now at 220 part numbers for truck intercoolers and also over 120 part numbers for earthmoving intercoolers and we’re over a 1,000 part numbers in oil coolers and radiators to fit all sorts of earthmoving and transport needs.

Flexibility to Suit Your Requirements

This also gives us the flexibility to turn 1 part number into up to say 10 different items by modifying, cutting and shutting a particular universal cooler to suit any machine that comes in the door. This gives us the ability to say yes in most situations, instead of having customers wait for 6 weeks for a new shipment or to build an item from scratch.

The high usage items that we see all the time are stocked on our shelves and we do know our aluminium plate and bar better than anyone else in the industry, based on our experience and the volume of units we sell.

Trusted by Major Clients Australia Wide

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