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Australia's Largest Ultrasonic Machine

Hi-Tech Radiators has owned and operated an ultrasonic machine since 2008 and has been able to clean what customers used to throw out or radiator shops couldn’t even get to the stage of reusable. With the largest ultrasonic machine in Australia we can clean the largest hydraulic coolers out of mass diggers from mines to large aftercoolers from marine engines.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Gives Radiators a New Lease on Life

If your engine is overheating, it might be due to a dirty radiator. It is inevitable after a long time running that a radiator’s coolant becomes dirtier and loses its corrosion inhibitive properties. That’s why flushing out old coolant and replacing it with fresh fluid will help to prevent corrosion eating away the inner surfaces of the radiator. More importantly, the coolant channels become coated with unwanted material, dirt and sludge, some of which is so stuck to the inner channel surfaces and crevices that it is hard to remove.

This accumulation of persistent debris narrows the channels inside the radiator and engine and reduces the flow of coolant around the whole system. That’s one reason why the engine tends to overheat. The muck inside the radiator also makes it more difficult to remove heat by conduction through the walls of the radiator. That’s another reason why it is harder to cool the engine than normal.

Cleaning and flushing out the radiator should be done regularly, but that doesn’t get rid of the worst contaminants because they cannot be removed just by pumping cleaner through the radiator. That is where ultrasonic cleaning can give radiators a new lease on life.

What is ultrasonic cleaning?

As the name suggests, ultrasonic cleaning uses high frequency (ultrasonic) bursts of sound to shake up hard to dislodge dirt. The ultrasonic equipment is a fast method of removing hard to remove contaminants, taking less than 10 minutes, depending on how badly fouled the radiator is and its size.

The frequency used is between 40 and 400 kHZ and is emitted in bursts of sound, using the higher and lower frequencies in quick succession. The ultrasound is particularly good at shaking bits of dirt out of crevices where the normal cleaning fluid doesn’t reach. The sound blasts are followed by an aqueous cleaning solution which is pumped around the radiator and cooling system removing all the dirt that has been shaken out of the places where it was stuck. 

The same cleaning and flushing system is not just confined to radiators. Ultrasonic cleaning can be used on many items of machinery or engine parts where dirt or grime has accumulated and just like radiators gives these items a new lease on life. This includes things like manifolds, engine heads and blocks, carburetors and gear boxes.

Why ultrasonic cleaning is preferable to pressure cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is preferable to pressure cleaning, especially for older radiators. Pressure cleaning involves pumping a cleaning solution around the cooling system under pressure. The problem is getting to know just how much pressure to use, especially if the radiator is older or particularly caked in grime. In fact, it is hard to know just how dirty a radiator is except from recognising a general deterioration in cooling performance and hence overheating of the engine.



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